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Sound advice for perfume lovers

Stax_1.jpgThis post is about good sound, how wonderful it is (as good as good perfume, I think), how everyone can appreciate it —the look on my 3-yr old daughter’s face when she first heard it said everything. It makes a huge difference and you don’t have to spend a crazy amount of money to get it. So 1- Forget loudspeakers. The cost of good sound is exponentially related to power, therefore  2- Use headphones instead. Stay away from Beats crap and get yourself a good pair of cans, for example Sennheiser 650s or the amazing Hifiman 400is and 3-Don’t even think about powering them straight out of your laptop. Use a headphone DAC/amp. Mine is a Nuprime, good stuff. 4- Go somewhere quiet and listen to your favorite music this way. Most recordings have far more information in them than is passed on by ordinary gear, esp. little earbuds. With good gear, you get the sound equivalent of a 1919 vintage Mitsouko kept in liquid helium for 97 years. If you spend crazy money on perfumes, set some aside for this. Jacques Guerlain was good, but Frédéric Chopin wasn’t half bad either.

Update: the pic is of the ultimate electrostatic headphones. These require a special amp and power supply, and the whole thing will set you back at least $10 grand, but nobody needs to know.

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