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CspURCSWAAAnV-L.jpgI was at FutureFest in London, gave a talk and managed through sheer stupidity and incompetence to miss Brian Eno’s talk later the same day. Then I found out the had shown this slide of his favorite books! Amazing! In ancient days after such a triumph someone would have been there to whisper “you are mortal” in my ear. I had heard through the grapevine that Eno kept a copy of our guide in his loo, a very good place for short, intense reads ( I keep physics textbooks there). Sarah of 4160 Tuesdays took and tweeted the picture, and after whooping for joy, for a horrible moment I thought he meant Suskind’s book. Of course he got the title wrong and forgot Tania Sanchez (fear not, he will atone one day), but nobody’s perfect. I am now reliably informed he has bought 8-9 copies over the years and has a perfume collection. As for me, I’ve cherished his music (Music for Airports, Neroli, that side of his work) since 1978. One more thing: item one on the list, by James Carse, is one of the greatest books I have ever read, and could be the breviary of every scientist.

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