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Jean-Paul III: le Retour

My-Exlusive-Collection-logo.jpgMomentous news greeted followers of the excellent Monsieur Guerlain blog a few days ago: Jean-Paul Guerlain is to return to perfume composition and launch his own line of niche fragrances in 2017. This is either a sign of an impending apocalypse, or great news, possibly both. JPG has often been derided as a tiresome snob who delegated perfume composition to Firmenich some time after Chamade (1969) and spent the rest of his life bragging about his horses. Those who knew him when he was in charge, however, remember him as a sensationally gifted perfumer. His announcement of the new house was cheerfully understated: he attributes his return to a vacuum created by  the fact that “the Guerlain house is moving toward more emphasis on marketing, rather than on creativity.”

Amen. And great good luck to the new Guerlain. If I were JPG I would hire a young perfumer to make sure this thing has legs. Note that under French law you can use your own surname as a brand even if someone else already does, so long as you are not trying to deceive. The thought of two Guerlains fills me with joy.

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