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Shameless plug

Last November, with a lot of help and a foreword from Tania Sanchez, I published a collection of monthly columns I had written (in English) for the magazine NZZ Folio in Zurich over a 10-year period. They were initially about perfumes and smells, and later branched out to other things. Self-publishing was overall a very satisfying experience. The Kindle version can of course be read on any machine with the app, and the print-on-demand paperback looks good. Yesterday I looked it up on Amazon UK and found it had got a 1-star review by an angry (and confused) person whose favorite perfume I probably panned in another book:

Written by Seinfeld?

Not useful at all. Mr. Turin is always more interested in making a joke than actually providing any useful information about the scents. Mr. Turin should start a new career as a stand up comedian, as a critic he is a complete failure. Please don’t waste your money with this book, you’ll get better and more matter-of-fact information from any number of bloggers completely free of charge.

I’m still giggling. This kind of review makes it all worth it. Seinfeld? I wish. And he’s right: as this blog will attest, you can get perfume reviews free of charge.


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