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At times I regret my resolve to only say good things or nothing about niche houses, because some of the sample collections I got were really egregious. Contrary to expectations, the main problem with niche perfumery is not lack of skill, but all-out cynicism. There seem to be plenty of slick new outfits out there, typically well-funded and based in fashion-conscious places, that decided that an arty look, pretentious patter, affable, skinny and cheap compositions done by one of the big oil houses, and high retail prices were sufficient to gull trendy punters. Guys, two things: 1- You’re ten fifteen years late. 2- If you recognise yourselves in this description, you sent me some stuff and you don’t see your perfumes mentioned here, you can still email me and ask me what I thought. I’ll let you know, and I’ll feel better afterwards.

pic credit (love the bike, btw, and am working on a beard)

Update: An artisan perfumer wrote to me to say that “everyone that has sent you fragrances worries that [this] post referred to them.” That is of course not the case, see above and below passim. Keep sending the stuff.


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