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Blocki Notable Successes June 1914 copy.jpgI received some samples from a fragrance company I had not heard of until they recently emailed me, called Blocki. They are a revival of a firm founded in 1865 by John Blocki, and their perfumes are composed by American perfumer and synaesthete Kevin Verspoor, known to me from an interview of rare erudition and intelligence he gave a couple of years ago to çafleurebon. The three fragrances, named after quotes from letters of Mr Blocki’s wife Emma are called in every season, for walks and this grand affair. They are composed with a light touch rare in niche perfumery these days, but still manage to last well on skin. My favorite is this grand affair, an oriental in, roughly speaking, the Jicky manner but done in watercolors rather than oils, and with a decidedly old-fashioned but delightful citrus top. The barbershop vanilla-musk drydown is reminiscent of Penhaligon’s Hammam Bouquet, only vastly softer and more pleasant. The other two are interesting florals in the classical English pastoral style. Recommended, particularly since the great UK firms appear to have forgotten their manners.


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