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This morning I was overtaken by an old Vespa, as always riding while tilted a few degrees to the left because of the engine weight asymmetry. The fellow on it wore one of those helmets that only reaches down to the equator and is leather below. The blue smoke behind him was deliciously fragrant. It has always seemed to me that Vespa smoke had two different smells, randomly depending on […]

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My ship came in

Finally, after endless tribulations with the ever-industrious Greek Customs, several forms filled and various fees paid, the Auphorie parcel came today. Miyako smells amazing, slightly different and a touch smoother than the samples I had so far. Just drop-dead wonderful. Now I have to work up the nerve to wear it. Pic credit: my iPhone 🙂

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Carrots Pompeii

All these smoky niche fragrances put me in the mood for barbecue, plus I’ve been reading all these articles that say you can grill anything and it turns out delicious. So I decided to add a bit of rooty iris, in the form of three large carrots, to the other stuff, but they took hours to cook and I forgot all about them. This morning they weigh about a gram each. […]

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Perfume fruit flies love

Our latest article (mostly the work of the first two authors, postdoc Alex Gaitainidis and grad student Efi Drimyli) showing that flies can tell isotopes apart regardless of whether the enzymes that degrade odorants are working or not. Also that various species of Drosophila that diverged 40 million years ago are all able to smell the presence of deuterium in an odorant molecule. All evidence in favor of the fact that discrimination […]

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Blind Testing

Today I did some blind testing, unusual and always interesting: three numbered samples sent by Women’s Wear Daily for their Smell Test, the only such thing out there in the press, trade or otherwise. I can report that one sucked, a 2/3 scale and half-budget Amarige that had no reason to exist. Another was very nice but a bit boring. The third, assuming it is a mainstream fragrance, shows that the […]

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Vilde Frang

Last night I discovered the existence of Vilde Frang, a young Norwegian violinist of mind-blowing brilliance and musicianship. Her Korngold (yes, yes, I know, more korn than gold ) Concerto is the best on record. For those old enough to remember, in the second movement her sound in the upper register reminds me of the heavenly heights of Henryk Szeryng and Nathan Milstein. If she ever comes to Athens I’ll be there, in […]

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Unlabelled Sample

I need to screw up the courage to smell this. Suppose it’s the best fragrance ever. I’ll then have to spend the rest of my life trying to figure out what it was. Update: it smells great…..anyone out there remember making a fluorescent anisic citrus, please get in touch.  

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Smells, Spanners and Switches

A science article I wrote for Inference is now online. I am honored to find myself in the company of people whose writing I admire, like the great critic George Scialabba and the astronomer and cosmologist Jean Pierre Luminet. And I even like the caricature.

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